My Little Garden 11th June 2022

It’s Thursday afternoon and as it’s raining again (contrary to the BBC forecast), so I’m sorting out photos in ‘my little office’ rather than putting this morning’s plant purchases into ‘my little garden’. Both are very pleasant tasks, so I’m not complaining, but it would be nice if the weather forecast was right occasionally.

I went to Bluebell Cottage Gardens this morning to pick up plants for a client ready for Saturday’s planting session, and if I had stuck to plan there would only have been one extra plant in my shopping trolley. But I spotted an allium in the garden that looks very similar to the small front of border one I invested in earlier in the year. Three Allium senescens insisted on coming home with me to join the existing clump of Allium ‘Summer Beauty’ that I have in another border. We’ll see which I prefer in a few weeks time.

As it’s rained quite a lot this week, the garden is very happy and more things have come into flower which means tricky decisions for what to include in my Six on Saturday.

  1. Astrantia (various)

I’ll start with the astrantia, which have come on really well this week. I can’t remember which variety the one at the top is. The undersides of the flowers are very pink, but it turns quite pale when they open up. The one below mingling with the allium is ‘Star of Fire’ (I think!)

2. Roses

This pale beauty is Rosa ‘New Dawn’ which competes with the pyracantha for fence space.

3. Clematis

We really are in summer garden territory this week aren’t we. This clematis, which I am ninety five percent confident is ‘Royal Velours’, rambles through ‘New Dawn’ but annoyingly I couldn’t get two good condition flowers together.

4. Poppy

The poppies continued to ‘pop’ all week, but have since been battered by the wind and rain. Such a shame because I would have liked them to last a lot longer. Patty’s Plum featured last week as well, but she’s just so gorgeous.

5. Alchemilla mollis

Looking it’s freshest right now, and suitably adorned by raindrops.

6. Iris

Eye of the Tiger featured a couple of weeks ago when the first flower emerged and here it is in all its glory with another of those allium getting in the way.

And that’s it for another week. I’m off to plant a lollipop tree, some euonymus balls and a healthy sprinkling of perennials in a client’s garden. The sun is shining, so hopefully the weather will behave today!

If you’re having a more relaxing Saturday than me, you’ll find lots more #SixonSaturday posts on Twitter. And as always, thanks to The Propagator for starting this Saturday shenanigans.



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