My Little Garden 12th Mar 2022

With March in full swing and the occasional day of sunshine to enjoy, I thought I’d take the plunge this week and attempt to locate the exact whereabouts of the lawn mower. I knew it was in it’s winter storage facility (aka the back of the garage) but so were lots of other fair weather things, ranging from a bistro table and chairs to a paddling pool.

I have to say the grass looks better for a quick mow (after I’d located the charger for the aforementioned mower) but as usual at this time of year, I have quite a lot of moss in my north facing garden. I really should have scarified a few weeks ago but it’s a job that didn’t get done so I’m postponing now until 2023. The moss usually disappears as the garden starts to get more sun, and I’m sure it will be fine. In any case, I plan to dig a bit more grass up very soon.

I had two ‘proper jobs’ this week (in addition to four half days of childcare and a writing project). The first was a one to one pruning session with a client whose garden I planted about three years ago. She messaged the evening before to say her husband had covid and she had a cough but had tested negative. Did I want to postpone? Err……

The second job was an initial meeting with a new client who wanted a planting plan for a border in her garden. She had just recovered from covid. We chatted outside about the garden and also how many people we know in their late sixties and seventies who have had the virus in the last few weeks.

Fortunately, my own garden is a much healthier place to be, and at this time of year there is something new emerging ever day. We have a few weeks to go before spring is in full swing, but the anticipation is very enjoyable.

  1. Buds

Amelanchier buds to be precise and I’m looking forward to lots of blossom again.

2. Shoots

My Lamprocapnos or Dicentra is in a pot, accompanied by a few weeds that I really should have removed for the photo. This is Spectablis but I’ve also bought one (actually three) called Cupid which is a lovely pale pink. It’s the first time I’ve bought bare root perennials so I hope they’ll be ok. They’re currently planted in pots in peat free compost while they get established.

3. A tree in a pot

Prunus Kojo-no-mai seems very happy, but unfortunately the pot sustained some quite severe frost damage so I’ll need to relocate the ‘tree’ once it has finished flowering.

4. Pulmonaria

Finally in flower after empty promises for the last few weeks.

5. Swing seat

A few morning coffees have been drunk on this already. All I need now is something to cover the fence that will cope with the football bashing from a child next door who’s far too large to be kicking a ball in a small garden.

6. Daffs

One of the joys of March.

And that’s it for another Saturday. My task for later is to sort out some seeds for sowing next week, but not before I’ve checked out all the other sixes on twitter via #SixonSaturday and The Propagator’s blog.

Have a good weekend!



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