My Little Garden 14th May 2022

There’s a little bit of a clue to my Six on Saturday this week in the header shot. Korean lilac, geranium, clematis, azalea, geum and a very tough weigela. So if you’re short on time, you can stop reading now.

In a week when I’ve had a three planting jobs, two photography sessions, writing deadlines and grandchild minding duties, I’m definitely going to take a couple of hours to put my feet up this weekend and hopefully enjoy the garden.

The planting jobs weren’t huge (but I am getting on a bit!) and I really enjoyed the photography sessions at RHS Bridgewater and Bluebell Cottage Gardens. But juggling the granddaughter pick up times with some of the other jobs requires serious co-ordination. And then there’s the last minute requests for extra school runs….

But onwards to my six choices for today.

  1. Lilac

The Korean Lilac in my garden is in the form of a standard tree that has been languishing in a pot for far too long. It will be planted shortly.

2. Geranium

Always the first of my (many) geraniums, ‘Lily Lovell’ is loved by the bees and is a beautiful shade of purple.

3. Clematis

What’s not to love about Nelly Moser. I remember this from my childhood garden (and almost all of the other plants that we grew there as well). The memories are quite vivid, even though we moved when I was ten to a house with minimal garden space. My Dad was mainly interested in growing vegetables, but we had a few ornamentals as well, including this clematis. The colour of the flowers lasts longer in a semi shaded place, so it’s perfect for under the holly in the far corner of the garden.

4. Geum

‘Mai Tai’ one of my favourites although I have just acquired a pale yellow one as well. Photos of that next week.

5. Weigela

This variety has the rather odd name of ‘Minor Black’. It is rather lovely and provides a vehicle for the rampant geranium ‘Ann Folkhard’ to scramble through when the flowers are over. It doesn’t grow as large as some of the other varieties of weigela, so it’s perfect for a smaller garden.

6. Azalea ‘Satan’

Spurred on by the courageous effort of @GraemeEdwards1 last week, I bravely ventured into the alien territory of my Front Garden to meet Satan and take a photo. Now that’s definitely enough excitement for one week!

I have another planting job today so I’ll catch up with all the other blogs and photos a little later.

Have a great weekend!



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