My Little Garden 16th April 2022

I love tulip time, and in the midst of a fraught week dealing with various elements of the NHS and Social Services for an elderly relative of the husband, it’s been wonderful to see the changes in the garden every day.

The weather has been very mixed but started to improve in time for the Easter weekend, and hopefully we will have some fun time with the family on Sunday. Whether the Easter bunny will bring me anything of a chocolate nature is another matter, but I suppose I don’t really don’t ‘need’ the calories.

It’s probably no surprise that I’m going to start with a tulip or two for my six choices this week, so here we go….

  1. Tulips

I always think that purple and orange work beautifully together, and this year I have Negrita planted with Ballerina and Lambada. There’s no sign of Lambada yet, but it’s always later than the others.

Tulipa Negrita
A glimpse inside Negrita

Ballerina is such a vivid orange and a beautiful shape.

Tulipa Ballerina

2. Erythronium

These ‘White Beauty’ were planted last autumn underneath a tree (rather than a prickly rose like the Erythronium ‘Pagoda’ that I showed you last week.) Hopefully they will clump up as well as ‘Pagoda’. Nice to see that Monty on Gardener’s World has this one too!

3. Forget-me-nots

I couldn’t possibly forget to include these little blue gems.

4. Crab Apple Blossom

Since I took this photo on Thursday, the flowers have fully opened so you might see it again next week.

5. Azalea

I’m not a huge fan of azalea and this one nearly got the chop when it failed to flower a couple of years ago. It’s saving grace is that it’s quite petite and such a bright splash of pink in early April.

6. Muscari

I’m really taken with this Muscari ‘Baby’s Breath’ as an alternative to the more common darker blue, so although the photo doesn’t do it justice, it deserves it’s place in the six.

And that’s it until next week. I’m off to take a look at all the other ‘sixes’ from around the world, not forgetting the bloke who started all this Saturday gardening fest. Have a great Easter weekend!




Garden designer, photographer and blogger

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Alison Moore

Alison Moore

Garden designer, photographer and blogger

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