My Little Garden 17th July 2021

Next week it’s the flower show at RHSTatton and I’m looking forward to it immensely. For the first time in years I’m able to go on RHS members day (granddaughter minding duties have previously prevented) and it feels like a big day out!

I need to recheck that the only entry requirement, apart from my ticket, is proof of double vaccination. But what of masks after the mixed messages of last Monday - the ‘make your own mind up‘ attitude of the government? I don’t really believe that my reusable cloth masks are any more use than a chocolate fire guard but what will be the expectation? Do I want to find myself jostling the crowds in the floral marquee given the current rate of new covid cases? It will be interesting to see how things work at Tatton but I’m very happy to be going and common sense will be engaged.

In the meantime, we’re having a bit of a heatwave ‘up north’ and I’m back on watering duties, enthusiastically assisted yesterday by the two youngest granddaughters.

But on to this week’s Six on Saturday…..

  1. Alliums old and new

These are looking quite good together I think. The old seed heads of Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ and the budding Allium Sphaerocephalon. Geranium ‘Ann Folkhard' is providing the background colour.

And here’s the budding allium in close up. A great addition to the garden.

2. Chrysanthemum ‘Rainbow’

I’ve never grown these before but I just sprinkled a few seeds in a pot or two of peat free compost in late April and here we are. Easy peasy.

They come in all sorts of colours.

3. Wildlife

I have loads of bees in the garden but so far the butterflies have a bit sparse. The ones I have seen really like the Erysimum so I suppose that justifies it’s place in the garden.

A side view of aforementioned flutterby.

4. Jasmine

These gorgeous little scented flowers are adorning the arbour now.

5. Dahlia

I’m so pleased with this gorgeously sophisticated dahlia. It’s done significantly better than the other one I started off indoors way back in winter. Dahlia ‘Happy Single Kiss’ has pretty much succumbed to the slimy army.

6. Roses

Last but not least and as promised last week, here we have the first flowers on Rosa ‘Ballerina’

and little buds on Rosa ‘Generous Gardener’. Aren’t they gorgeous.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend.

If you want to find out what’s happening elsewhere around the gardening world, take a look at the blog of The Propagator (aka the boss of Six on Saturday). And as always there are many more excellent photos on twitter under the hashtag#SixonSaturday

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