My Little Garden 18th June 2022

There was a bit of a heatwave in the last couple of days, and I had to spring into action with the watering duties again. Every year, I wonder why I bother with pots, which obviously need the most water, and take up the most time. I guess it’s because they add another dimension to the garden and with a variety of small shrubs, that move around with the seasons, plus perennials and grasses, it does make a huge difference. The only annuals I grow tend to be a few cosmos grown from seed and placed in big pots to plug gaps in a border when something else has had it’s moment of glory. I did succumb to the temptation of some Lantana at the Garden Centre this week though and I hope it’s not going to be a slippery slope. They’re just buds at the moment so I’ll save those for another week.

If you think that after all that talk of pots, they’re going to feature in my Six on Saturday…… you’d be wrong.

  1. Geraniums

This one is a variety called ‘Red Admiral’ which isn’t red at all, but a lovely shade of magenta. It’s not as long flowering as ‘Rozanne’, pictured above, but the colour is fab-u-lous!

2. Rosa ‘Ballerina’

I know this featured the other week, but I do love this rose.

I think the single flowers are just beautiful.

3. Nigella

This white one, plus a few friends, has magically appeared in my planter of herbs….. almost a pot photo.

4. Clematis ‘Remembrance’

However hard I cut this back in spring, it always tries to escape to next door. They don’t look after their garden at all, so I don’t really feel obliged to let them share. As soon as it reaches the top of the fence, it’s firmly pointed downwards again.

5. Amelanchier berries

There’s always a brief window from the berries appear until the birds eat them and this is it. By next week they’ll probably be gone.

6. Insect visitor

Not the prettiest spot to take it’s photo, but I was very pleased it passed by.

I’m planning to be at Bluebell Cottage Gardens this morning taking photos of the lovely Gemma of Colourwheel Garden fame, for the August edition of Cheshire Life Mag. My sort of Saturday, and I hope that yours is equally pleasant.

There’s lots more #SixonSaturday posts on Twitter. And as always, thanks to The Propagator for starting this Saturday club.



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