My Little Garden 19th Mar 2022

The weather has been very spring-like this week with lots of sun and a day of rain, so the garden has put on loads of growth. It’s fabulous to see all the new shoots popping up, and yesterday I saw my first butterflies of the year; a Tortoiseshell and a Small White. So exciting after the long months of winter, even if it has been a mild one.

The new swing seat has been in use on every nice day and all the granddaughters have tried it out. The resident pigeons like to perch on top and the youngest granddaughter (almost 3) takes great delight on making me sit at the end with the inevitable bird poo. I only have one granddaughter under school age now, so these early days are coming to an end, but I feel so lucky (most of the time) to have had another generation of children to help look after. Hopefully at least one of them will inherit the gardening bug.

Talking of the gardening bug, my paternal grandfather, who I never met, was a bulb grower from The Netherlands, and perhaps that explains my love of tulips. I’m looking forward to his year’s display but I really should keep a note of what tulips I planted where. There was definitely a plan, but I expect there will be a few surprises.

While the main tulip event is still a few weeks off, these are some garden beauties from this last week.

  1. Ice Follies

I planted these a couple years ago. Perhaps not my favourite variety of narcissi but every daff is welcome right now.

2. Hellebore

I’ve shared quite a few hellebore pictures already and this double variety is one of my favourites.

3. Snakeshead fritillary

I bought a new pot of these to add to the ones already in the garden.

4. Pansy

This is the best of a few tatty flowers on the pansy I bought last autumn.

5. Amelanchier progress

The buds are coming on nicely and it will be blossom time soon.

6. More daffs

Jetfire in the morning sun with a few Tete-a-tete accidentally in the mix.

As we approach the spring equinox, I’m so pleased with how the garden is coming alive again and I’ve been perusing the latest spreadsheet of perennials from Bluebell Cottage Gardens. There are a few plants that I want to add to the mix and I can feel a trip to the nursery coming on soon.

Lots more spring sixes to see on twitter via #SixonSaturday and The Propagator’s blog. Have a great gardening weekend.



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