My Little Garden 22rd April 2022

I hope you like tulips because there might be one or two of them featuring in my choice of six again this week. Most are at their peak now, although a few are lagging behind, and there have been some interesting results from my choice of bulbs. Experimentation is always good and sometimes the results are worth repeating, and sometimes not ……

In other news, I have an exciting photography project on the horizon but for now it’s top secret. More in a few weeks time.

As I’m still having to write this blog from the discomfort of my office, thanks to a change in the way Medium works, I’m going to be brief, but it looks like I might have to find an alternative blog site very soon.

The first of my six choices is (drum roll)…. err tulips.

1. Tulips

This is a tulip called ‘Green Wave’. I loved it last year in the walled garden at RHS Bridgewater, so thought I’d try it out.

It’s planted alongside ‘Ronaldo’ and ‘City of Vancouver’ which is a late flowering variety. So late, I fear it may be flowering on it’s own! I can’t say I’m convinced by this combination (and the good people of twitter agree) so I don’t think it will be repeated, but it’s a very interesting tulip to photograph.

2. Butterfly

A Holly Blue, perhaps not surprisingly on the holly bush. Why oh why do they always pick the tattiest bit to land on?

Or avoid coming close enough for a proper shot.

3. Wallflower

The colours on this Erysimum ‘Winter Orchid’ are fabulous. It’s supposed to be perennial but I lost a plant over the winter which I had to replace.

4. Crab Apple Blossom

As promised last week, another shot of the flowers that have now opened. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo when the blossom was at that perfect pink and white stage, and the flowers are now pure white. Lots of bees have been visiting which means lots of little crab apples will be appearing in the near future.

5. This Bleeding Heart / Dicentra / Lamprocapnos is supposed to be a pale pink variety called ‘Cupid’. I don’t think so Farmer Gracy! It’s very nice, but I rather think it is the bog standard Lamprocapnos spectablis.

6. Another tulip

This is the one in the header shot called ‘Virichic’. I grew it in pots last year and I liked it so much I chose it again for this year.

And that’s it folks. I’m writing this on Thursday night and it’s time for Carol Klein. When I could draft and edit on my tablet or phone I could multi task when writing this blog, but no more. What were you thinking Medium people.

Have a great weekend folks.




Garden designer, photographer and blogger

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Alison Moore

Alison Moore

Garden designer, photographer and blogger

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