My Little Garden 23rd Oct 2021

I was a little worried this week that the photos for ‘Six on Saturday’ were going to be very dull. It gets harder to choose a ‘six’ as we head into late autumn and then winter, but I always hope for one decent day a week throughout October. Fortunately, after days of grey skies, wind and rain, Thursday did a complete U turn and it was cold but glorious. In my little north facing garden (the virtues of which I defend rigorously throughout spring and summer) the sun only reaches the bottom third come late October, so the choice for plants in a decent light is limited. Sometimes the challenge makes for better photos, but not always!

Talking of photos, I’ve been pondering a camera upgrade. With the prospect of getting some words and photos in print next year, I think it might be time to dust the cobwebs off the savings account. A short list has been drawn up, but now I need to make a decision.

Anyway, with my trusty old Canon in hand I venured into the garden on Thursday to make an effort for this week’s collection.

  1. Verbena

After rambling on about my gloomy back garden, this verbena is actually growing at the front of the house. It seeded everywhere this year and this one has popped up through a berberis.

2. Pyracantha

Last week I shared a photo of a pyracantha with red berries. In the space of a few days it was decimated by the birds, but they left the fruit on the neighbouring Pyracantha ‘Orange Glow’. A subtle difference in colour but not to our feathered friends apparently.

3. Zinnia

I grew a few zinnias from seed this year, but I also bought a plant from the garden centre for its colour and compact shape. It’s still going strong with buds still being produced.

4. Lavender Lady

I had a spare one of these Erigeron ‘Lavender Lady’ plants this year (something I ‘accidentally’ manage quite frequently when buying for clients). The flowers are a really pretty colour but not as prolific as Erigeron karvinskianos. Hopefully it will do better next year. Random shells are courtesy of one of the granddaughters.

5. Cosmos

Possibly my favourite annual, just because it flowers for so long. The plant got a bit wind blown this week.

6. Anemone and friend.

In my north facing garden, this anemone grows in my south facing border and it’s where the bees are still visiting for a bit of autumnal warmth.

As we head into the last week of October, and lots of bulb planting jobs, I’m keeping fingers crossed for a dry week. Hope the weather is kind to all you gardeners and I’ll catch up with your garden photos and antics later this morning.

The #sixonsaturday hashtag on twitter is always worth a look and don’t miss well the blog of The Propagator who’s the boss of this weekly garden fest.

Have a great weekend.