My Little Garden 25th June 2022

Just for a change, I thought I’d venture into the front garden with the camera again this week. It doesn’t happen often because it’s a relatively small space and not really interesting enough to warrant too much attention for Six on Saturday. However, the planting is quite established now and relatively trouble free as long as I give it a watering once a week in dry spells.

It’s a mix of easy shrubs and even easier perennials that take a little bit of neglect if they have to. I’m really interested to see what the greener front gardens category at RHS Tatton will look like in a few weeks time, because there’s no doubt that so many driveways near me are devoid of any form of planting. I don’t have a lawn, because we need to room to park the cars and I’d rather use the remaining space to grow plants. I also have a completely different colour scheme in the front garden, although as you’ll see from six choices, some of the blues from the back have found their way into what was originally intended as a hot (ish) border.

  1. Monarda

First is a bright red Monarda ‘Cambridge Scarlet’. It’s a perennial I’ve only come to like in the last couple of years, but this variety gives a fabulous blast of colour. I have Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’ planted near it but that’s not flowering just yet so I can’t give you the full picture. Maybe that means I’ll have to venture into the front garden again in a few weeks time.

2. Eryngium

To temper the brightness of the monarda and the rudbeckia, I have a spiky eryngium or sea holly. I can’t remember which variety it is, but it’s really taken off this year, and is turning deeper blue as the days go by.

3. Physocarpus

This is ‘Lady in Red’ and she occupies a corner spot near the garden wall.

4. White Geranium

Of course there are geraniums…. and this is Derrick Cook.

5. Purple Geranium

Rozanne has also migrated to the front garden. Trouble free and long flowering, what’s not to like for a front garden.

6. Helenium

Just coming into flower is Helenium ‘Moorheim Beauty’, and I plan to add more orange to keep it company.

And that’s it for a brief front garden tour. It doesn’t look particularly ‘hot’ at the moment, but as more yellow, orange and red start to flower that will change and I’ll show you the full picture. Until then, it will back to the back garden.

There’s lots more #SixonSaturday posts on Twitter. And as always, thanks to The Propagator.

Have a great weekend!



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