My Little Garden 26th Feb 2022

In the two weeks since I last wrote a Six on Saturday blog, the garden has become significantly more colourful and has survived all three of the recent storms. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the house which lost a bit of it’s roof thanks to Storm Franklin. Ridge tiles seem to have long-jumped from the roof, but miraculously landed on either side of one of the cars. How said car escaped damage I have no idea because we found debris underneath and several metres beyond - we were very lucky!

All of this is hardly important in the grand scheme of things this week, so lets move on to the business of Six on Saturday

  1. Near miss

Ok, just before we move on here’s some of the debris with daffodil pot unscathed. I hope they’re not too traumatised to flower!

2. Iris ‘Katharine’s Gold’

A new one for me and I rather like it.

3. Iris ‘Alida’

The prettiest of blues.

4. Crocus

These have been around for about three weeks now. They’re lovely but not getting enough sun to open. As the forecast for today is looking positive, I will be moving the pot into a prime location.

5. Prunus Kojo-no-mai

A pleasant surprise to see the first flowers this week.

6. Hellebore

No name but such a very pretty double.

And that’s it for the last weekend of February. Daffodils are poised to open and the shoots of many tulips have broken the surface. Lots to look forward to despite the horrors unfolding further afield. And of course there is the #SixonSaturday hashtag on twitter and the blog of Mr SixonSaturday himself.

Have a great gardening weekend.



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