My Little Garden 26th Mar 2022

It’s been a funny old week, which started with a bit of a spring tidy up in a garden I planted last year. I was pretty pleased with the results and particularly with how the very shady corner was looking in it’s first spring. Brunnera ‘Sea Heart’ with its silvery leaves and sprays of blue flowers was a good choice, if I say so myself. Unfortunately, I had completely forgotten that I’d planted a thalictrum further along that border, and it’s location wasn’t marked: I hope I haven’t damaged it!

After that little ‘oops’ we had a minor calamity at home when the husband tested positive for you know what. Not surprising really, since there are more people we know with covid right now than at any other time since the start of the pandemic. Unfortunately it happened the day before he was due to go on the golf trip that had been postponed in 2020 and 2021. Now I’m saddled with a husband whose grumpiness is significantly greater in severity than his cold symptoms. Thank goodness for the garden.

The weather has been glorious this week, and everything has put on a bit of a growth spurt. So where shall I start….

  1. The yellow

Daff of the week has to be Narcissus ‘Sailboat’. Lovely delicate colours which are gracing a container on the patio.

2. And the blue

And just starting to flower in the same container is Puschkinia scilloides var. libanotica. Now that’s a bit of a mouthful for such a delicate little flower! Apparently it’s also called a Striped Squill or Russian Snowdrop.

3. Leaves

The new growth on the Philadelphus is looking bright and beautiful.

4. Good old Bowles Mauve

Great for early colour in the garden and a perfect food source for anything that buzzes or flutters.

5. Magnolia

I’ve had this Stellata in the ground for two or three years but I know it’s not entirely happy with it’s position because I only ever get a few flowers (and last year they were completely spoilt by the frost.) I suspect the location is a little dry, and I need to decide what to do about it.

6. Lamprocapnos

In the space of less than three weeks this plant has gone from this…..

to this…..

and now this….

And that’s it for the last week in March. A third of the year gone already, and two years on from the first lockdown. Where does the time go.

If you can tear yourselves away from the sunshine today, there’s lots more sixes to see on twitter via #SixonSaturday and The Propagator’s blog. Have a great gardening weekend.




Garden designer, photographer and blogger

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Alison Moore

Alison Moore

Garden designer, photographer and blogger

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