My Little Garden 3rd Oct 2020

Well hello October!

Another month has drifted by and summer has most definitely turned to autumn. I am now very seriously thinking about bulbs and a second online order has been made as I wasn’t able to pick up the remaining things I needed (wanted) at my local suppliers.

Life normally starts to get a little quieter for me at this time of year but I’m pleased to have picked up two new planting plan jobs this week. Only small gardens but it’s good to have the work and I should be able to get trees and shrubs planted in autumn.

In my own garden I started to paint the arbour which took far longer than I anticipated and I ran out of garden furniture paint. I might also have killed the clematis that was climbing over it as I had to disentangle it from both the arbour itself and an indestructible jasmine. I hope not, and as it’s a tough Group 3 viticella type it might survive the surgery.

It will get much harder over the coming weeks to find new and interesting things to photograph in my little garden, but everything is still looking reasonably good for now and these are my six choices.

1.I’ll start with the view looking upwards from the arbour seat before I started painting it. A lovely blue September sky and a jasmine that is still flowering (although you can’t see it on this shot). A favourite place to sit for morning coffee.

2. The zinnia are still flowering away and the blooms are really long lasting. If I had the space I would grow lots more of these next year. The flowers look amazing even when not fully open.

This one actually has a broken stem but it’s still happy even if it is dropping downwards a little.

3. This little daisy has been flowering away in a pot since around May time. I like the way it cascades over the edge of the pot just as it would do in a more natural setting .

Erigeron karvinskianos

4. The achillea is very faded now but I’m loathe to tidy it up too soon. It would be great if it lasted until the first frost if only for photographic purposes.

5. I have been slightly disappointed with my Salvia ‘Amethyst Lips’ this year. I think it would be happier in the border rather than a pot.

6. And for my last choice of the week, this is the plant that I bought for it’s lovely variegated foliage. I’ve been curious about the flowers and I know they’re supposed to be lavender coloured and daisy like but I still only have little buds. Maybe this is the week they will open.

Kalimeris yomena ‘Shogun’

Not very autumnal again am I, but then we’ve had quite a few nice days this week and I like to make the most of summer colour while I can.

So that’s my Six on Saturday for this week. Links to lots more ‘sixes’ can be found on the blog of The Propagator who is the creator of this weekly collection, and there are many more excellent photos and blogs on twitter under the hashtag #SixonSaturday

Wishing you a great gardening weekend!



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