My Little Garden 4th June 2022

In a week when all the children have been away, and I should have had lots of free time, there have been a number of irritations.

Firstly, it rained a lot at the beginning of the week and thwarted my attempts to avoid indoor work.

Secondly, I picked up a new project that I really should have said ‘no’ to due to time constraints. When clients are so nice though, what can you do!

And worst of all ….. workman have dug up half the road, apparently vital work to replace old gas pipes, causing maximum possible annoyance to homeowners. Why dig a big hole right outside our driveway, giving me about one centimetre to spare when exiting the drive, and then disappear on an extended bank holiday that started on Wednesday. Why!!

At least the garden is looking good after a few days of rain in the early part of the week, and the weather returned to vaguely summery on Thursday just in time for a day out to Chatsworth. It wasn’t an inexpensive day out: even to visit the garden I had to fork out £15 and if I hadn’t booked online it would have been another £5 to park. But the garden at Chatsworth is stunning after a transformation led by Tom Stuart-Smith, and I loved it. What an amazing job the gardening team have done.

But back to reality with my own humble little plot and you can really tell that June has arrived. Here’s my six for this week.

  1. Peony ‘Bowl of Beauty’

I only have room for one peony so is the right choice? I’m not sure, but it is a beauty.

2. Geranium

Anne Thomson is starting to weave her way around the other plants but in a way that’s a little more restrained than Ann Folkhard. Not much more retrained though!

3. Bee hotel

The cirsium is still going strong and the bees seem to like to snooze on it.

4. Ballerina and friend

I love this rose and it’s flowering prolifically now.

5. Poppies

From this

to this over the course of the week. Patty’s Plum putting on a show.

6. Pyracantha

I wasn’t sure what to pick for number six as there’s so much choice at this time of year. In the end I’ve gone for the humble and prickly pyracantha which I think is a variety called ‘Orange Glow’. The bees love the flowers and the birds love the berries, so what’s not to like.

And with that, I’ll wish you a very happy Bank Holiday / Jublilee weekend. And it you have time in amongst the garden /street party dates, take a look at all the other #SixonSaturday posts on Twitter. Thanks to for starting all this off many years ago.



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