My Little Garden 4th Sept 2021

This week I’m ‘celebrating’ the end of the school holidays. Of course I love spending extra time with my granddaughters, but after six weeks I’m ready for a little bit more time to myself.

For the last outing of the summer we took the eldest two to the Dunham Massey Ice Cream Farm and the Sunflower Trail they have there. The sunflowers themselves were well past their best but all the other annuals were still very colourful and the girls enjoyed themselves in the maze. Next week it will be back to the school and hopefully a full year of schooling in the classroom.

At home in my garden, there are a few signs of autumn. On the first day of the month, I spotted a squirrel digging up the lawn to bury something. It seems a bit premature for that particularly annoying activity so it probably ‘means something’ like a cold winter is in prospect.

But enough of autumn, because I’m still enjoying summer. My six choices for this week are strictly summery and for the first three I’m celebrating the front garden surviving the trampling of of big footed VM engineers in their latest attempt to solve our internet issues.

  1. Helenium

I had a serious deadheading session about 10 days ago and have been rewarded with lots of new blooms. The variety is ‘Moerheim Beauty’.

2. Rozanne

This is a perfect perennial for a low maintenance front garden. Unlike some geraniums it just carries on flowering right the way through the summer and autumn.

3. Derrick Cook

A spare plant from a job earlier in the summer and a very pretty geranium. It’s grown into a decent sized plant and hopefully it will do well when it wakes up next spring.

4. Handel

I love this rose and I always think it’s late summer flowers are the most beautiful.

5. Frilly Knickers

The latest anemone acquisition is looking very frilly

With the palest of pink ruffles.

6. A star

This Star Dahlia named ‘Honka Fragile’ is certainly trying to be a star of my garden at the moment. It could do with a few more blooms but the ones it’s produced so far are stunning.

The weather forecast for next week sounds pretty good, so I expect I will be spending a few hours in the garden. And as always if you want to find out what’s happening elsewhere around the gardening world, take a look at the blog of The Propagator and the rest of #SixonSaturday gang.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend.



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