My Little Garden 5th Nov 2022

So, here we are in November again. The bulbs are planted, except for the tulips, which have been waiting for the colder weather, and most of the garden is ready for a winter snooze. November has never been my favourite month as the days get shorter and even the early spring bulbs seem a long way off. The only plus point is that things get a little quieter on the work front, so overall I can’t complain, as I’m definitely glad of the break.

With the arrival of the new month, I feel the need to move on from flowers, and to be perfectly honest, after a week of constant rain, (and a little bit of frost on Friday morning), things are looking a little bit bedraggled. So, after sharing the final days of my late flowering perennials last week, there’s a much more autumnal feel to this week’s Six on Saturday.

  1. Cotinus

The leaves of this shrub are just amazing as the colour changes and the attractive gold markings appear.

2. Amelanchier

This is one of the last leaves on my amelanchier tree. Most fell very quickly this year, so I’m very pleased to capture this one with beautiful contrast colours.

3. Sorbus vilmorinii

This is the first autumn for my new tree. Purchased from in spring (who I highly recommend), it’s stems and leaves are turning a fabulous shade of red. There are no berries this year, but I’m hopeful for 2023

4. Viburnum

Charles Lamont seems to produce the odd flower at various times of the year, but whilst the scent is lovely I’m always a bit underwhelmed by the flowers on the bare stems in winter. Perhaps if it didn’t try so hard the rest of the time, it would do better.

5. The last rose

Rosa ‘Handel’ is producing the last of its pale autumn blooms.

6. Crab Apple

This time last year, the wood pigeons were balancing precariously on this little tree trying to eat the apples. If they’re not careful, this lot will be rotting away.

Well that’s my Six for the first Saturday in November. I’m looking to catching up with all the other garden blogs and photos throughout the day.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend.



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