My Little Garden in Week 10 of Lockdown

This was my view yesterday morning. Looking upwards from the arbour bench into a tangle of clematis and jasmine. The clematis was originally ‘tied in’ a little better than it looks at the moment, but then we had those very windy days and I lost a few shoots. I have no doubt that it will recover quickly though.

The good news of the week for me is that the lockdown rules are relaxing a bit from Monday and I will be able to see the family, either in the garden or out on a walk in the park. The group of six works just fine for us and as everyone has been working from home (apart from me in a few gardens)it’s been very low risk all along. Perhaps it won’t remain so low when the grand children start to go back to school but I’ve no intention of over analysing this happy news.

So what’s been happening in my little garden. It’s been hard to pick my six on Saturday for this week, but hopefully I will have quite a few weeks of flowers on some of the plants that started blooming in May.

1. The poppies have popped. I can’t remember the variety but they’re a pleasing dusky shade of pink.


Another view of the poppy

2. Geranium ‘Rozanne’ is starting to do it’s thing and I expect it will carry for a few months. An excellent value geranium in terms of it’s long lasting colour.

Geranium ‘Rozanne’

3. This is my third rose to flower. It’s decorating a fence at the bottom of the garden.

Rosa ‘New Dawn’

And getting a bit of support from a prickly pyracantha too

4. The peony survived the wind and is now in full bloom.

Peony ‘Bowl of Beauty’

5. Now this photo might not look very exciting, but it’s tiny crab apples on a tree I planted last year, so it makes me very happy.

Malus x zumi ‘Golden Hornet’

6. And while we’re on the subject of trees, these are the berries on my Amelanchier. It had loads of blossom this year and the berries are stage two of it’s progress through the seasons. I believe they are edible when ripe but I expect the birds will eat them.

Amelanchier lamarkii

And that is my Six On Saturday for this week. I hope you’ve enjoyed a quick look at my garden highlights and for more ‘sixes’ take a look at the site of the creator of this weekly collection. His Six on Saturday is always an excellent read and there are many more photos and blogs on twitter under the hashtag #SixonSaturday

Have a great weekend!

Garden designer, photographer and blogger